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People are just missing the point. “If a soprano singer is hard to understand, here’s why…” (right?). One thing I wondered though is that it must be more than vowels (especially if they’re singing in English bc who cares about English vowels).

Oh, yeah, there’s a shit-tonne more. There are other acoustic factors (jitter, shimmer, vibrato — rate/flux/consistency), consonant quality, articulation style and technique, and about a bazillion other things. I mean, because there is the physical limitation of vowel identity being blurred at high pitches, well-trained sopranos are actually taught to intentionally make the vowels as lax as possible. This reduces strain on the vocal cords, which is great for vocal health. However, it also makes consonants harder to reliably identify because of the temporal distance that is also inserted between the vowel and the consonant. Also, consonants are minimized when vocal strain is highest in many types of classic singing styles. But still, if we take two identical syllables sung with identical acoustic timbre and quality in a neutral non-contextual environment, but one is c4 and one is c6, you would not be able to reliably tell whether they were indeed the same syllable. which is basically the only thing i was trying to say. sigh.

I checked back, and one of the comments called this “hogwash”. My response to Turbo: this is funny because it’s physics and science doesn’t care if you think it’s wrong. It’s still right.

People just got really hung up on “opera” and missed the whole “high notes” thing. Whatever. I know I’m right and my dad (a physicist) thought it was good, and that’s what matters. (right?)



I am SO WORRIED about Loki wearing his socks, taking them off, getting tangled in them, dying, barfing, peeing outside the litterbox, I don’t even know what… that I can’t sleep. At all. Well, I dozed off in the living room a bit around 3. But he took the socks off and my kittysense tingled and I woke up. I think I’ve got them pinned on in such a way now that he can’t take them off, but it’s SIX IN THE FUCKING MORNING AND I AM NOT ON THE PROPER SLEEP CYCLE TO BE OKAY WITH THIS.

I don’t think he can get tangled now. And I think I heard him in the litterbox at one point (well it could have been Leeroy, but it didn’t sound like Leeroy, but it didn’t sound like Loki either). And he’s got three water bowls and his dry food is full. So the only reason I’m not sleeping now is that the sun is up and I have been dealing with cat shenanigans for the past two hours.

Fuck fuck fuck. Someone save me from the cat’s pyjamas.


Oh and my students are arriving today, so I’ve got the afternoon airport shift, which means I’m going to be a Real Human and Teacher for at least 5 hours today, and I don’t know if I can handle it. On the other hand, I think most of them are on their second or third leg of their journey, which means they’ll have been in the air or traveling for at least 20 hours. Which means they’ll be more out of it than I will. Which means I get some leeway. I’m glad I didn’t sign up for the dinner excursion tonight. That would have been too much.

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I’m adding this to my watch list. We don’t have Showtime, so it’ll be a while before I can see it.


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THIS SOUNDS GREAT (i haven’t talked about it because i didn’t know it existed until now)


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(Also I apologize in advance, I am primarily a personal blog with hints of linguistics, Pacific Rim, animals/plants, and grad school. Penny Dreadful is excellent, but I will probably be posting only sporadically on it. No hard feelings if it’s not your thing!)

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oh shoot i like almost all of those things except horror but i kind of really dislike horror though…

It’s more monster/supernatural than straight-up horror. A few jumps here and there, but primarily stuff that you’d see in Supernatural. Umm. Lots of dark but beautiful things. Well. No. There’s at least one episode that’s possession-scary. Maybe not for you. But worth it if you can get through it?

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 #i mean if their was racism  #it would like need to be there  #because it would be accurate  #and sir malcom’s like the worst kind of douche  #but lets be real  #sembene owns this show  #he ain’t taking nobody’s shit  #its a great show guys  #watch watch watch  #make me happy  #penny dreadful  #make neo-romanticism a thing  

Yeah! I mean, the racism is in the show and characters but not in the creation of the show and characters, it seems. I might be missing something, since I am not always attuned to racism, but it seems like a very self-aware show that criticizes the past more than it perpetuates.

Why hasn’t anyone been talking about Penny Dreadful on my dash? It’s got sex, death, ghosts, vampires, love, betrayal, horror, gore… like Game of Thrones without the constant sexual violence and inhumanity.

Do you like:

  • Bram Stoker’s Dracula
  • Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein
  • Oscar Wilde’s The Picture of Dorian Gray
  • fluid sexuality
  • supernatural horror
  • surprisingly minimal racism (accurate to time period, but still minimal)
  • Victorian drama
  • strong women, in several senses of “strong”
  • fridging a dude to further a lady’s story
  • Billie Piper