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Doc of The Dead (★★★★☆)

My alternate title suggestion: White people are crazy.

Really thorough and thoughtful discussion of the history of zombies in film and American culture (with some moderately informative discussion of the African and Afro-Caribbean roots of zombies). Some majorly tone-deaf moments (zombies+rape — wow just no, though they have an interesting discussion of zombie porn; “a zombie movie you could bring your girlfriend to” — fuck off why do you assume that your viewer isn’t the girlfriend in question; “zombies were developed organically from several places so no one really started them” — hi zombies in their original are inherently culturally appropriative, they belonged to a culture/religion who developed them first, you even say so in the beginning of the movie).

There were some moments I just had to look over to turbo and say “lol wtf” at the whiteboy preppers and stuff. But they do at least attempt to involve actual legit Voodou practitioners and historians. And they do point out that originally zombie movies were commentary on race relations, slavery, rebellion, and “what if the positions were reversed”. I don’t know. It’s problematic but really informative and thorough and I enjoyed the less problematic parts very very much.

I like modern infection-type zombies, remote-control zombies, and creative takes on zombiedom, what can I say.

cicatricks asked
Followed KSR-TV news here and just wanted to ask one thing, WHO WILL BE MAYA?!

(I assume KSR-TV stands for Kim Stanley Robinson?)

AHHHH I DON’T KNOW! ::excited gasping:: So neuroimagining were planning a pilot for it like, seven months ago, and I’m really into the idea that the Russians are Chinese in the modern version. However, given the book canon, I’ve made a FANCAST that I am SO TOTALLY INTO.

Which would make Maya played by Milla Jovovich.

Not sure I’m still into JLaw as Nadia, that was always somewhat of a filler, but I love JLaw, and I LOVE Nadia… suggestions?

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writing this down and putting it on my wall

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#7 is my favorite/the best step.

mine is 10-11. and/or 2. i hate cats.

christ what an asshole


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How so cute??? No really, how, share your magic with me? :)
  1. wake up every morning unrested and scared
  2. clean up cat barf
  3. water plants
  4. drink a gallon of white boy tears
  5. cry a gallon of white girl tears
  6. braid hair
  7. procrastinate around the house in undies
  8. stick liquid eyeliner onto eyeball
  9. dab it between lashes rather than anything you’re supposed to do
  10. rub face on a cat belly
  11. get cat hair in mouth
  12. you’re ready to go!