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pulsing-glottal-horror replied to your post “if i ever respond to something completely incongruously or having…”

No joke I read that as “holy cow” too…. I AM TOO TIRED. 0__0 GRad schoOL Is A TrOPE YOU were RIGHT!

god oo bed

#grad school is a trope

if i ever respond to something completely incongruously or having clearly missed the mark, know that it is because i have shite reading comprehension when i’m not trying SUPER HARD to understand the relations between each word and it’s not because you said it wrong or something.

put it this way, even knowing it’s an HOV ONLY lane

even typing that out right now

i still kinda read it as HOLY COW

my brain thinks it’s more efficient than it is and skips over too much

penelope garcia is everything

oh m y god im gonna v o m

they were the perfect eye tracking subject and i fucked it up and the file didn’t save here come the tears

today is perfect weather and a gorgeous fall day

but everything makes me want to curl into a ball and cry like i’m remembering something awful that i associate with beautiful perfect crisp sunny fall days

but i’m making progress on those fucking revisions and i am running a subject for chapter 4’s experiment so

i keep trying to tell myself i made progress today and that i did good work even though i didn’t finish

  • i started integrating my slides into chapter 3’s intro/background
  • i revised/reorganized the structure of chapter 3 and ch 2 (in a basic, general sort of way)
  • i wrote a couple of paragraphs, fresh

but stupid jerk!brain is telling me all the things i DIDN’T do and overloading me with stressors

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my computer got unplugged and discharged while i was out and when i turned it back on it was December 31, 2000, 6:00pm and my keychain access wasn’t accepting my admin password to sign into my time machine backups to restore my settings and files which were all factory reset

so i somehow eventually got online and the poof everything was fixed???

i can’t deal with this roller coaster of stress and fear right now

i feel physically ill and weak

what the hell it’s just words

words that if i don’t get perfect i will be consumed by fire and pain and lightning and scorn and ice and blood and maggots

oh, not much. just thinking about how important nichelle nichols is.